Dec 25, 2007

Wireless Spy Camera Pen

It looks like a normal pen. It works like a normal pen. But it not! It has a secret built in camera! This is your chance to have that serious spying time or just have some fun with this wireless spy camera pen. The camera is completely enclosed in the pen and no one can, even when close figure that a camera is hiding inside the pen. The pen runs on solar power that is eco friendly. Included with the pen is solar chargers that will quickly allow you to charge your pen and anywhere and continue with your spying activities. The camera works on the built in Li ion batteries. All that is required to start the wire less transmission is to twist the cap. The receiver included gives you video in mp4 format. The receiver has a range on 10~20 meters and it will give you clear pictures of whatever you are spying upon. This camera has many practical uses. It can be used for security purposes or just for having some fun. The receiver has an internal memory of 64 MB but has a provision to increase the memory size to up to 2 GB.

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