Jan 4, 2008

Smorty : The All New Blog Advertising Network

Smorty is the site that connects the bloggers and the advertisers together. It mainly promotes blog advertising. Bloggers get paid now to write their blogs. The advertisers get greater traffic and advertisement for their site or products. This is a balance that works in both ways. The bloggers are not required to advertise for the site. They can just write their opinions on the various products and put link backs. They can select the subject that interests them the most and make multiple posts. Posting in multiple blogs will increase the earnings of the blogger. The advertisers on the other hand can get interesting reviews for their site. They can choose to pay for the post that they choose to approve. With each unique article they have unique reviews of their site. With this they gain increase in popularity and subsequently the traffic increases in their site. The blogs are of top quality and are fully indexed for the ease of the viewers who can locate any blog of their interest quickly. The service is the link between the advertiser and the blog site. With the help of this service the advertiser can increase its traffic which will soon convert into product sales and help them earn revenue. The bloggers on the other hand will get paid for the service of writing content and reviews for the advertiser.

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