Dec 23, 2007

GPS + Mobile Phone Jammer

Are you sick of all those mobile phones going off and disturbing your class? Do you feel violated being tracked by gps where ever you go? Then perhaps this is the product that you have been looking for. This Gps and mobile phone jammer is portable and can be carried around in your pocket. The jammer will effectively block out any GPS or mobile phone signals in a 10 meter radius around you. This anti spy gadget is the perfect fro all those meetings and conferences where you more than often find your audience distracted with mobile phones. Also random cell phones going off cause you distraction and not to mention annoyance. Now with this gadget in your pocket you can get rid of any and all distractions that come because of stray cell phones going off and concentrate on your presentation or meeting with full efficiency. This device is incredibly easy to operate and all you need to do is to turn the device on. This will instantly start sending out jamming signals and block any gps tracking signals that are coming your way. This jammer is the most effective way to get your share of peace and quite.

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