Dec 22, 2007

Touch Screen MP4 Player

The all new MP4 player is an eyesore to look at and makes a perfect gift for anyone. This MP4 player has a 2.9 inch screen that is beautifully streamlined. With this screen you can watch your favorite movies, pictures videos and all that you could imagine. This MP4 player has the coolest features that one could ask for with almost all the features that are available in the market all put together in one beautiful package. The MP4 player is touch screen giving you complete and easy control over all your media. The MP4 player is capable of playing AVI format files at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and 30 FPS. The sound quality that comes out from both the speakers is crystal clear and intense. It is also integrated with an FM radio and has 4 adjustable bands. The music and the setup settings are completely adjustable by you. Also this MP4 features a mute button with every page that has sound which is helpful in emergency cases. Also in control features, it has a quick 3 button control for easy and quick navigation. It also has a lock key so that buttons are accidentally pressed.

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