Dec 21, 2007

Fluorescent UV Money Detector

Have you been duped by fake currency? Now with the help of this money detector you can be assured that you will never be a target for fake money again. This is a great electronic money detector which ensures that you will never fall for false bills again. This detector has a 4w ultra violet bulb attached in it. If you are suspicious about a particular note then all u need to do is turn on the light and place the note in the money detector. The water marks and other distinguishable marks appear on a real note under the ultra violet light. With the help of these marks you can verify by yourself weather the note is real or not. Its power source is 110~220 Ac connections and a corrected power cord for each country is shipped along with the detector. The dimensions of the box are about 120 x 100 x 100mm which makes the detector quite compact and portable. The detector is equipped with double insulation so that any sort of accidents are prevented from happening. It compact design and its light weight make it easy to carry the detector anywhere and make immediate scrutiny of bills in questions.

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