Dec 20, 2007

Sata Hard Disk Player + Card Reader

The multimedia Sata hard disk case is capable of playing Mp3 and recording TV schedules. It fully supports all types of mini cards like MMC SD and CF cards. The video recording available is high quality and the recording can be easily done with just one touch. To attain a superior result with the video recording, image parameters can be changed. This HDD also has a movie playback function. This means that while watching a movie you can turn off the system and later again return to the same point of the movie that you were watching earlier. The hard disk is not bundled with the enclosure and it should be brought separately. Also to ensure the proper working of the hard disk and the enclosure in combination the hard disk must be formatted with the enclosure. The maximum HDD size that can be held inside is 500GB. The video recording can be done in MPEG 4 or AVI format. The audio formats that are supported are MP2, MP3 , WAV and AAC. The color system can be NTSC or PAL up to your choice. The HDD enclosure incorporates USB2.0 and is fully functional with Windows 98/SE/2000/ME/XP mac os-9X and Linux 2.4.2

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