Dec 20, 2007

USB Basketball Arcade

Need to take a break from your daily routine? Have no time? Then the USB basket ball arcade is for you. With this you can play basket ball right at your desk and spend some quality court time. You don’t have to wait at the lines in arcade stores anymore. With this you can have your quality time with the ball anywhere you can carry and plug this device into. All that you require is a computer with a USB port to start the fun. There are no batteries required. The power is drawn from the computer that it is plugged into. You can play with your co workers or classmates whatever your environment is. Spending some major court time was never this easy. There are different rounds available, starting form the standard game to the 30 second rapid round. Whatever be your mood for, if its got to do with the basket, this will suite you perfect. Because of it portable nature, you can carry it anywhere you please. With attractive panels and display this becomes an eye candy attraction and also perhaps the envy of some of your colleagues. Take your basketball game around with you in you personal arcade.

You can buy one from here :

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