Dec 21, 2007

Roll Up Synthesizer

The roll up synthesizer is a compact piano design. It is built for musicians on the go or new students with the piano or just people who want the latest in music technology. This piano is completely flexible and is and is superbly compact. This piano due to its compact size and nature can be carried around almost anywhere and any place. Also it is easy to store this piano anywhere you desire. It consists of all the 61 standard piano keys. It also has 128 different synthesized tones to choose from and over 100 different rhymes to play out with. Features like Midi and speaker out are also included with this piano. This piano also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This portable synthesizer piano is comparable to any high end standard piano. This piano is cheaper than most digital piano and also has with it the cool gadget factor. This is perfect for you if you are tired of tugging your old piano around with you. The compactness almost eliminates weight and space. You will see the extra space in your luggage immediately. The perfect gift for budding musicians and also this item is guaranteed to have great re sell value.

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