Feb 16, 2008

The Smartpen: Capture Audio While Writing

Bored of attending never ending lectures?

I was when I was a student and I always wished I could store what my professors said and can listen to that information later when I wanted but nah it wasn’t possible as a simple recorder won’t catch proper sound and listening them back would be a problem, but now we don’t need to lose hope coz livescribe is set to launch its new product The Pulse Smart Pen a pen that represents a pen with embedded computers to capture the handwriting and that’s not all at the same time you can just record the audio along with writing. Users can just listen to what was said while they were writing that particular word. The smart pen has an infrared camera with DPS(direct positioning system) and ARM processor that works with the Dot paper note book that has been provided with it don’t worry the power notebook too costs like an ordinary notebook.

If that’s not all then for you there is option of 3D recording to capture far distant sound too. Every registered user can have 250MB of storage facility online and they can also share data and PDF files online.

There are two versions of the smart pen:
1) The 1GB model which has 100 hours of audio storing capacity and 16000 pages of digital notes.
2) The 2 GB model comes with double storages at $199.

Sounds great I know but you will have to wait till march but for the apple version wait can be till September so just be patient its coming.

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