Feb 15, 2008

No More Fuel Now - A Car That Runs On Air!!

As we all know our environment is getting polluted day by day at a rate faster than what we might think. We all know that the depletion of fossil fuels is making this ecological imbalance even more worse and the existence of our planet has become questionable. Have you ever imagined what would happen if we run out of fuel then on what fuel would our cars run?

Now this worry wouldn’t seem to bother much as now the compressed air can be used as a fuel to run your car, doesn’t sounds great you might not believe me but its true a former formula 1 engineer worked more than a decade and half on this project to make a car that can run on compressed air. The compressed air in this car would push the piston in high pressure to move the car at a maximum speed of even 110 kilometers per hour.

The car not only proves to be ecologically safe but also saves lot of money on fuel an average car would need just 8-10 liters of gas which comes quite cheap as compared to other fuels hence it is quite friendly to your pocket even.

The inventor of this car is positive that this project would catch the eye of many car manufacturers and this project wouldn’t go unnoticed, many Indian companies are too interested in this car. The price range for the cheapest model is expected to be 3500 euros.

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