Feb 5, 2008

iPhone And iPod Touch Capacity Doubled By Apple

The capacity of iPhone and iPod Touch was doubled by Apple on Tuesday for an additional $100.

The iPhone once again comes in two capacities: 8GB for $399 and now 16GB for $499. Apple discontinued the 4GB model after it cut the price of the 8GB model to $399. A reason for this could be that almost 90 percent of all iPhone buyers opted for the 8GB version.

Another blow is that the iPod Touch will now be able to store more music and videos, with 32GB of capacity for $499 only. That device is now available in three versions, with Apple also selling a 16GB model for $399 and an 8GB model for $299.

The new iPhone and iPod Touch appear to be unchanged from their previous versions, though they ship with the new software unveiled at Macworld, which provides the ability to edit the home screen and triangulate your position using Maps.

Finally these changes have increased the chances of me buying an iPhone. :)

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