Nov 8, 2007

Skype 2.0 Beta For Linux Available For Download

Finally the Linux users will be a little happy about skype. This version of skype supports video calling, which makes Skype to support video on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download this release-v2.0.0.12 here.

1. Videos
2. Option to automatically answer incoming calls (under Options -> Privacy).
3. Use user’s desktop locale if a locale hasn’t been set in client.

Video features:
1. Video Devices options dialog.
2. Video Accept/Decline dialog.
3. Full-screen video.
4. Double-clicking on video window toggles full-screen video.
5. Double-clicking on video preview in Options dialog will reveal full-screen myself preview.

1. Add missing translation for Sign in window title.
2. Change Calls Forwarded icon.
3. Clean up button spacings in myself/credit bar.
4. Don’t render Contact popups together.
6. Remove dependency on libsigc++.

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