Nov 10, 2007

Now Get Some Apple Flavor In Your Speakers

Want to have some apple flavor in you speakers ? After all an apple a day keeps the doctor away lol :) Wouldn't it be great if it you had Apple speakers ? These apple look alike speakers consume just 2 watts of power in total and are compatible with mini audio and portable MP3 players.

Here are some specifications:
* Sensible and Characteristic design.
* 2 Channel Multimedia speaker system for PC and Portable audio.
* Easy to control Volume and Power with front control buttons.
* Compatible with Mini audio and Portable MP3 players.
* DC 5Voltage Power through USB port.
* RMS : 1W * 2
* Impedance : 4 ohm
* Drive Unit : 2 inch
* Dimension : 112x104x56mm(WxHxD)-Symmetrical size

They come in two colors- red and green. No info on pricing though. But you can check out this site for more info, it’s in German though.

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