Nov 8, 2010


Latest report on SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB GOES ON SALE IN THE UK: The Galaxy Tab Samsung has gone on sale in the United Kingdom. Retailer Carphone Warehouse has begun selling the tablet on most of its stores.

Carphone Warehouse offers various plans for the tablet. If you hate a service, you can buy subsidized by making a deposit of £ 529.99. The plan comes with £ 499 a £ 10 per month data plan that includes 1GB of data.
If you're willing to sign a £ 40 per month for two years long contract, you can use the tablet for just £ 99. This plan has a bandwidth limit of 5GB per month.

In the UK, the Galaxy Tab also available from most major wireless carriers,! like T-Mobile and Dixons stores. The tablet is not exactly cheap, but many people are eager to see whether the iPad potential rival.

Meanwhile, many official accessories are also on offer and they include the dock keyboard £ 79.99, £ 29.99 and £ 9.99 screen protector bag twin pack. Of course, this price-conscious among you can buy cheap keyboard docks and bags produced by third parties.

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