Nov 8, 2010


Latest report on HSN SELLING ENTOURAGE POCKET EDGE FOR $499: The Entourage Pocket Edge ia a cross between an eBook reader and a tablet Android. It is different from conventional tablets and eBook readers that a dual screen device.

The Pocket Edge is basically a smaller version of the original edge tablet introduced at CES earlier this year. While the original had two 10 inch screens, the Pocket Edge has a 6 inch E Ink display and a 7 inch touchscreen, 800 x 480 pixel LCD side.

The Pocket Edge will reportedly get 12 hours battery life. It has 4 GB of storage, a 2MP camera, WiFi 802.11b / g and a microSD card slot.

Price and availability
Home Shoppin! g Network (HSN) has started selling the Pocket Edge for $ 499.90. There is still no word on the 3G-enabled Pocket Edge, which was said to come to Verizon.

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