May 7, 2010

Turn Your iPad Into A Laptop By ClamCase

It's not even a month since the launch of iPad and its add on gadgets have started coming. A device called "ClamCase" manufactured by a company of the same name has launched this device which works as an iPad case, stand and keyboard add-on.

One only needs to place the iPad into the case and get started. From there, they can opt to keep it flat on the table or set it up in landscape view. The keyboard can be connected to the iPad via Bluetooth to give them the functionality of a laptop.

However it is a downfall that ClamCase, unlike most other laptops, won't be featuring a trackpad to help people navigate around the iPad screen. That means owners will still need to tap the display to get to where they want to go. The real function of the ClamCase, then, is to improve the typing experience and speed on the iPad and protect the tablet from damage.

ClamCase plans to launch its three-in-one add-on device in the fall. No word on the pricing yet.

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