Mar 3, 2008

Philips' New Wireless Stereo

Philips' launched a new wireless stereo with cool looking design. The system has got an 80GB internal HDD, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, a CD player which can stream music from your PC. The sound quality is quite good and the internal drive lets you rip your music CDs to MP3s (with support of multiple bitrates).

The device is made of brushed aluminium and reflective plastic with a small LED screen which does a good job of presenting menus. The Philip's media manager software works well on a PC and streaming of music is fast enough. A major drawback is that even though it supports MP3 and WMA, there is no support for WAV, AAC, OGG or any other music format.

Well the features may upset you, but the price tag will surely bring a smile to your face. The system is priced moderately at around $455 which is not much as compared to others in the same category. If you aren't too geeky, then this one's the right choice for you.

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