Mar 3, 2008

Asus Likely To Launch A 9 Inch EEE PC?

If sources are to be believed, Asus is gonna launch a 9 inch PC. Everything is still unofficial now, but sources claim that the PC is likely to be officially launched tomorrow at the Asus's press event. There's almost nothing known about the specifications yet, but it is acclaimed that the device has 2-3 hours of battery backup. The 12GB model will cost around $600 and other models with lesser capacities are also available. In the end, there are no official sources to prove what's been said, so keeps your fingers crossed till any official news comes out and clears the mist away.


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  2. Humm, this actually sounds good.

    Was thinking about getting an EEE but was put off by the small screen.

  3. But that small screen is justified by the price it carries!!


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