Feb 25, 2008

YouTube Blocked In Pakistan

Recently the most popular video sharing website owned by Google, YouTube.com was banned in Pakistan due to some anti-Islamic movies posted by some users. This move by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has taken aback everyone. Though exact content was not mentioned but officials said the ban was specifically due to an anti-Quran movie displaying the religion as provoking violence in women and homosexuals.

According to Darren Waters (editor at BBC technology news), the Pakistan Telecom hijacked the server of YouTube.com to prevent citizens of Pakistan from visiting the website. As soon as the details of the hijack were leaked into the internet from PCCW, YouTube was mistakenly blocked by internet service providers around the world.

Pakistan officials said the ban would be removed if YouTube removes the objectionable content. This is not the first time a country has banned YouTube. Before also many countries like Turkey and Thailand have banned the site for displaying objectionable content.

[via BBC News]

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