Oct 17, 2007

Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack

Suddenly Adding Wallpaper Packs, Why ?

Well for quite some time now, I am getting requests from my friends to include some wallpapers in my blog, so I thought to add some. Till this time vista flavor is spread over the world and let us see what we will get in Vista (formally “LONGHORN"). So I am dedicating a very simple wallpaper pack of vista for my friends (offcourse for all my blog readers). I hope so you all like it. I may update this pack with more wallpaper in future.

Here are some details about the pack:

Info about author of this pack: This pack was created by deviantART and the original page can be found here.

Resolution Added: 1600 x 1200, 1920 x 1200

Information about Pack:
Total 16 Wallpaper included in a pack. Basically there are three themes in pack.
Vista Curve (8 color variation)
Silky Embossed (4 color Variation)
Flat (4 color Variation)

Download from Here.
For more information read readme.txt included in ZIP file.

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