Sep 8, 2007

Alpha Release For Opera Browser 9.5

Well finally it's here. The much awaited Alpha Release for Opera 9.5. So here's the review from their site:

Get to know Kestrel

Welcome to the Opera Browser 9.5 alpha release - codenamed Kestrel. For your everyday browsing, please continue to use 9.23, the latest version of Opera's free and award-winning browser. This release is all about you: we want to hear what you think about it, what we did right and what we didn't and how we can make it even better for our beta and final releases.

Report any problems (bugs) here. Please also visit the forums to provide further feedback, or our Desktop team blog for your comments.
Download Opera 9.5 alpha

Download Opera 9.5 alpha

NOTE: Opera 9.5 alpha will by default install separately from your previous version of Opera. If you choose to install it on top of your previous installation, please make sure you have proper back-up of Opera and Opera Mail.


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