Aug 10, 2007

New Sony Vaio Moves To SSD !!! Beware Its Costly !!!

Sony too jumps onto the SSD bandwagon after unveiling its 11.1-inch notebook pc ‘VAIO TZ18GN’ equipped with SSD instead of HDD. Well you’d ask the benefits of switching to SSD rather then HDD …… guess what your SSD based notebook will be faster as the data transfer in SSD’s is damn quick, lighter weight and longer battery life then the existing HD.

The Vaio TZ18GN is an 11.1-inch ultraportable with a 32GB SSD, Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB of RAM, it comes preloaded with Vista… Phbbbt! and a good battery life of 11.5 hours thats around 30 minutes longer than the HDD version. Thou Blu-Ray not available it supports 8x DVD DL drive. For a $4,299 which is $700 more than the 100GB HDD model thats the price too pay for ditching the HDD!

@shish {Cool Wizard}

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