Aug 18, 2007

Halo 3-Themed XBox 360 Announced

After cutting out Xbox 360 price , Microsoft has now announced the limited edition of the Halo 3-themed Xbox 360 console.

This special edition will be launched in spartan green color and will include 20GB hard disk. The console will also include a HDMI input but no HDMI cable is provided with it.

The Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console comprises of :
# Halo 3 Special Edition Console
# Halo 3 Special Edition Wireless Controller
# Halo 3 Special Edition 20GB Hard Drive
# Halo 3 Special Edition Wired Headset
# Halo 3 Special Edition Gamer Pics and Theme (Exclusive download via Xbox LIVE)
# Component HD AV Cable, Ethernet Cable, HDMI Port, Play and Charge Kit
# Xbox LIVE Silver Membership and One-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

The Halo-3 themed Xbox 360 will be shipped by September in the US market and it will be available at the price of $399.99.

Via - Tech Wizard

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